Sinusitis Home Remedies

The sinuses are hollow spaces in the bones surrounding the nose. The mucous membrane, which lines the nose, is continuous with the mucous membrane lining the sinuses through openings between the two. Sinusitis is a result of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the sinuses due to a bacterial or viral infection.

The organisms usually enter from the nose, frequently following a common cold, although occasionally they may gain access from an infected tooth. A deviated septum or other obstructions make sinusitis more likely.

The frontal sinuses and those in the cheek are most frequently involved, exhibiting the symptoms of pain, tenderness of the skin overlying the sinuses, and fever. Headache and a heavy feeling in your eyes or cheeks, especially when leaning forward, are common. Your upper teeth may become tender and painful when the cheek sinuses are inflamed. The secretions and pus may drain into the nose, or the opening may become blocked.

Sinusitis Home Remedies

One of the many sinusitis home remedies is the cautious breathing of steam, from a pan or kettle or vaporizer. Doing this often brings relief. You may repeat this treatment three to four times during the day, for ten minutes at a time. A humidifier in a warm room will also help.

Supporting the immune system as much as possible is a sinusitis natural remedy of great importance when you are suffering from sinusitis. If possible, it will also be beneficial to eliminate or reduce stress in your life by way of job and relationships.

Depending on where you are located, if you notice that weather is a major factor in your suffering, then you might want to consider relocating. However, for most people it would be much easier to eliminate dietary items that are problematic such as sugar, flour, and dairy products. These foods can directly effect the immune system negatively.

Applying a moist heat pack over your tender sinuses is a fast way to ease sinus pain, and a great sinusitis home remedy. Soak a washcloth in warm water (as warm as you can take it), apply on the cheekbones, and leave it there until you feel the pain settle.

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  1. jim graham says:

    Very accurate description of my symptoms. Teeth, ace, fever, pain in eyes, etc.
    This is an extremely virulent condition and can make me almost incapacitated.
    Nice to see you do understand it.
    Cigarette smoke is a major risk factor, as well as common cold.

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