Natural Cures for Weight Loss

On any given day, about half the women and a third of the men in America are trying to shed pounds. That’s 106 million dieters! We spend more than $30 billion every year on diet products, programs, and paraphernalia. Yet from the looks of our growing obesity epidemic, we don’t seem to be getting our money’s worth.

As the population has grown heavier, diseases related to excess weight have also risen. An estimated 300,000 adults die each year from diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, and other obesity-related complications, second to only tobacco-related deaths.

Best Weight Loss Plan

Use your mind – Many weight-loss efforts fail from our improper mind set.

Make changes you can live with – Even if you cut out fast food, and other tempting foods while your losing weight, you’ll need to learn that you can enjoy all foods, including those, in moderation for the rest of your life.

Become aware of your eating behavior.

Exercise is very important when it comes to weight-loss. Walking is by far the best exercise you can do. Try walking at least one hour everyday, for faster weight-loss — Break your walks into two 30 minute walks.

Do not eat after 6:30pm.

Make breakfast your largest meal, lunch your second largest, and dinner your smallest.

Go to bed before 10:00pm, going to bed early stops you from having the urge to eat late at night.

Drink water, water, and more water. Drink water until your urine is white. If your urine is not white — your not drinking enough water.

Stay away from fruit juices and eat the fruit itself. Fruit juices are just fruits stripped of it’s fiber.

Quit smoking (if you smoke)

Natural Cures for Weight Loss

Think long-term. Shortcuts and quickie plans never last.

Do it yourself. Improving your health and energy are better motivations than a coming class reunion.

Prepare the way. Don’t rush into a diet before you are ready for long-term changes. Keeping a diet journal will help you become more aware of what you eat and why.

Think fruits, grains, legumes, and vegetables. In the standard American diet more than 50 percent of calories come from fat, sugar and alcohol.

Control portion sizes. Use a smaller plate. Serve yourself smaller portions and put away leftovers before you eat. At restaurants, ask for a doggie bag instead of cleaning your plate.

Eat three meals a day. Eating at regular intervals will not send your body into a deprivation (starvation) mode, which may cause you to eat and binge more.

Maintain your program.


Don’t overdo it.

Stay active, walk the dog, gardening, yard work, household chores, sports, bicycling, and playing with kids are all productive activities.

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