Home Remedies for Colic

Colic is the painful spasm of a duct or other tubular organ in the body. Most parents can tell when their babies have colicky pains when the baby becomes inconsolable. However, when the term colic comes to mind we only associate it with infants, but adults get colicky pains also.

Symptoms of colic: Colic causes severe pain in the abdomen or in the kidneys. Abdominal colic pains come in waves, while biliary and renal colic is more of a steady pain. When pressure is applied to the affected area the pain usually subsides; passing gas also helps to relieve the abdominal pain.

Other symptoms to look for are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, hard and distended abdomen, and cold feet. The pain in the abdomen may become so intense that the person may fold the legs and double over in pain. These symptoms can also be the result of appendicitis, ruptured spleen, or ectopic pregnancy, so consult your physician if you suspect otherwise.

What causes colic?

There are many causes, which include improper digestion, food allergies, roundworms, foreign objects in the intestinal tract, overfeeding, obstruction of the intestines, poor diet of a mother that is nursing, or eating while under stress. Kidney stones and gallstones can also be a cause if they pass into the ducts.

Herbal Remedies For Colic

Chamomile tea along with dillweed tea is extremely effective when used to treat infant colic. Nursing mothers can also be helpful by avoiding certain foods like cabbage, garlic, legumes, and onions.

Take your child to a pediatrician if they develop eczema or asthma, this could be a sign of food allergies and should be tested. After your child is about three months old, you should no longer have problems with colic.

Home Remedies For Colic

If your situation is caused due to stones, then you may want to find a home treatment for kidney stones, or gall stones. If you are in extreme pain, do not hesitate to consult your physician.

Colic in babies is usually the result of some type of food allergy and can be treated with some chamomile tea, catnip tea, or just plain warm water. Warm water inside of a hot water bottle and placed on the abdomen can be very helpful.

For adult colic you should follow the same procedure as infants. Adults can also drink tea made from ginger, cloves, fennel, coriander, thyme, cayenne, caraway, or rosemary. Eating wild cherries is also good.

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  1. Briana Samo says:

    Get a netti pot, the kind I use is called sinu cleanse and you can get it at most major pharmacies… It will be uncomfortable at first but stick eith it, use it every 3 hours or so, it will clear out your nose

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