Home Remedies For Bruising

Bruising is a result of an injury to the soft tissues of the skin and muscles. They come in a wide variety of colors that include dark blue, purplish red, and an olive green mixed with a smidgen of yellow. Bruises are also prevalent in people who have minor to major surgery. Sometimes we injure ourselves without knowing it until we recognize a change in color in the skin. However, if you bruise without injury on a regular basis, see your doctor as soon as possible. This can be a sign of other serious problems including a platelet disorder, leukemia, or you may be deficient in certain nutrients. Other reasons to get medical help immediately include, bruising as the result of snakebite, or bruising while feeling ill accompanied by a rash.

A great treatment for bruise includes a simple old-fashioned cold application immediately after an injury. This will help to reduce the swelling right away. Blood vessels narrow when they encounter cold. Therefore, causing them to slow there flow and reduce swelling. After an injury, cover your skin with a thin piece of cloth and apply a bag of ice, or a bag of frozen vegetables. Keep the area elevated for at least ten to fifteen minutes. This should be repeated three to four times during the day of the injury.

Another way to rid of a bruise quick is to use two everyday kitchen items that heal bruises. Number one, parsley leaves can be crushed and used as a remedy for the healing of bruises. This remedy is notorious for helping to speed up the fading of the black and blue marks. Number two, slicing a potato raw and cool is another great quick remedy for getting rid of bruises. This is a favorite old home remedy that was extensively used for black eyes.

Home Remedies For Bruising

- Arnica – This herb is a pain-reliever, antiseptic, and an anti-inflammatory. It is used most effectively for trauma injuries and is known to hasten the vanishing of bruises.

- Calendula – In the form of an herb, this plant is anti-inflammatory, astringent, cooling and it inhibits bleeding. Calendula was traditionally used for all sorts of injuries, and when applied externally in the form of gels and creams has the ability to heal bruises.

- Comfrey – This herb is endowed with a substance that helps knit cells back together called allantoin. Comfrey is widely used to treat bruises, sprains, and strains.

- Tea – This popular herb is not only good for sipping. Black and green tea contain tannins, this substance helps to shrink swollen tissue and narrows blood vessels. A great remedy to use for a bruise using tea is to grab a tea bag (must be black or green tea), run some cold water over it, and then place it on the bruise. There are herbalists that carry tea bags in their first aid kits.

- Cayenne – We all know that pepper burns the tongue, but there is an ironic twist to this spicy condiment. Cayenne contains a substance called capsaicin that helps to reduce pain and helps to speed healing. Many people who have aching bruises can benefit from using a cream or gel that contains cayenne in its ingredients. To avoid getting in your eyes, always wash your hands after handling cayenne, or any product-containing cayenne.

- Bilberry – Although these fruits are good for the eyes, they can also help to heal bruises. Bilberry is known for strengthening and protecting capillaries and improving circulation.

- Ginkgo – A well-known herb that benefits the brain, but it is also good for bruises because it increases blood flow to the damaged areas, which helps to speed healing.

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