Herbal Breast Pain Remedies

Breast pain or pain in breast is also known as mastalgia, and is often mistaken for fibrocystic breast disease, which usually comes with one or more lumps in the breast. For some women, the pain can be so bad that a blouse brushing against the skin can cause severe pain.

According to the American Cancer Society, mastalgia or breast pain is not a disease. What are breast pain causes? It is caused due to normal routine fluctuations in the levels of estrogen and progesterone, which cause the glands and ducts in the breast to enlarge. Therefore, the breast becomes lumpy, swollen, painful, and tender. These symptoms usually disappear after premenstrual syndrome and usually subside during or after menstruation.

Puberty, approaching menopause, pregnancy, and estrogen replacement therapy are all contributors to breast pain, and all represent ovarian hormone level changes, which are believed to be one of the many causes of mastalgia. Although breast pain can become a problem after pregnancy due to breastfeeding –breastfeeding in turn also helps to relieve the pain. Painful infections and abscesses could form in the breast tissue and become a problem during nursing. Heart drugs, diuretics, and high blood pressure drugs could also be a source of breast pain. However, breast pain can also be a sign of breast cancer, so it is very important to see a doctor for pain that does not go away after a week.

Herbal Breast Pain Remedies

Evening Primrose – The seeds of the evening primrose contains oil that is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). In the body, this oil increases the level of a particular type of prostaglandin that helps fight inflammation. There are studies that show that GLA helped women with breast pain, but there are studies that proved otherwise. Therefore, GLA might not be for intense breast pain, but for mild to moderate discomfort.

Vitex – The fruit of this herb, also known as chaste berry, contains hormonelike effects on the body and normalizes progesterone activity. It makes many symptoms of premenstrual syndrome – like breast pains go away.

Quick breast pain-easers

Here are quick strategies that may help women who experience breast pain. However, these strategies may not work for all women. Nevertheless, they are all non-invasive, inexpensive, and natural.

All women should invest in good support bras. In addition, replace the ones you have that do not fit properly. You would be surprised at the difference a good comfortable bra makes, especially larger breasted women.

Try using heat packs on the breast to aid in the expelling of fluid. Many herbalists recommend warm castor oil packs, or just plain heat packs for women with breast pain.

This is not an absolute cause, but some experts think that a high fat diet could lead to breast pain. Therefore, it might be in your best interest to lose weight, or try to maintain a healthy weight.

Another probable cause of breast pain is the abundant consumption of caffeine. Again, experts do not see eye to eye on this cause, but it is worth a try. If you are a caffeine junky – you might want lower your caffeine intake to one cup a day. In addition, do not forget to limit the use of colas, and teas in your caffeine totals.

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