Herbs for Sinus Infection

Many civilizations in the past have used herbal remedies for sinus infections to cure and alleviate the symptoms. Medical science within the past two decades have been trying to distance itself from more natural remedies for illnesses that are absent of dangerous side effects. Side effects are the major difference between conventional medicine and herbal remedies; in fact, some herbs work better than the most expensive drug medications on the market.

A great herbal remedy for a sinus infection is called Eucalyptus, which is a fragrant herb and highly effective in clearing the sinuses. It has antiseptic properties and has the ability to shrink swollen tissues in the nasal passages allowing you to breathe easier. Eucalyptus leaves are great for making tea. Before drinking the tea, inhale the steam coming from the cup as you wait for it cool down to where you can drink it. You can also get the oil and apply it to the nasal area as well as rub it on your chest, neck, and back.

Next up is another one of the many herbs for sinus infections called Echinacea, which is virulent virus killer. It is very effective for treating the respiratory system. Echinacea is available in capsule, oil, and tincture form, and should only be used until the ailment is gone. Do not use for long periods, because the body can get used to it, therefore making it lose its effectiveness. In addition, people who are allergic to ragweed should stay away from this herb.

According to the World Health Organization, Ephedra is an effective herb used to fight sinus infections. This herb is also used with great success against hay fever, and the common cold. However, because this herb comes with certain risks, an herbalist or a doctor should be informed of your decision to use it as a treatment.

Ginger is another herb on the list. It is an anti-inflammatory and is widely used as a remedy for headaches. The anti-inflammatory properties make it effective in the treatment of sinus infections. You can get it in capsule form; however, it is better in its natural form. It can be used to make tea or you can use it in many recipes.

Sinus infections are also treated effectively with Goldenseal. This herb is known to improve congestion and overall health. It is also a great antimicrobial, which means it can kill bacteria. Goldenseal is also known to contain compounds similar to steroids, which makes it great for reducing inflammation.

Another herb that I know you’ve heard of is Peppermint. It is great for soothing the mucus membrane. It can be taken as a tea or inhaled.

Have you ever heard of Lemon balm? Well, this herb is usually used to fight bad breath; however, it is also helpful in treating sinus infections that are caused by a viral attack. It is best taken as a tea. You can find the leaves at an herbal shop. Let the leaves sit in hot water for about ten minutes before drinking.

Last but definitely not the least among the many herbs for a sinus infection, there is Licorice. Only the roots are used for treating sinus infections and not the leaves. It is readily available in capsule form. This herb is also beneficial in boosting the immune system.

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